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Best Self-Defense Caliber, 9 mm, .40 S&W or ACP.

Bullets Of all the quarrels associated with the firearms, none rival the argument that auto pistol cartridge is best for personal defence. It is partly because personal security is very necessary, partly because people believe that there must be a single best solution, and finally because there is no clear proof that one works better than another.

A triangle comparison is acceptable for auto-pistol cartridges, since you are trying to balance a three-sided equation. We have power on one side of the triangle, another pace, and lastly, energy. This triangle exists because a human hand can only manage so much power, because what makes it work is the speed of a bullet, and that if ability didn’t matter we would all bear derringers.

You have three solutions to addressing the problem with the 9 mm Luger, .. 40 S&W, and .45 Auto. These cartridges each have their strengths and weaknesses. So we need to look at how each cartridge interacts with each side of the triangle to better understand the solution.

Bullets Might

Historically we have calculated the projectile strength of defensive handguns by kinetic energy. This is nothing more than squared velocity, times the weight of a bullet. Momentum is yet another indicator of force, though less cited, and it is velocity of mass times. In addition , various formulas exist for calculating the mystical assumption known as “stop control.”

Comparing the commonly considered best loads of 9mm,.40, and.45 using kinetic energy and momentum, we find some interesting facts. There is very little difference in the kinetic energy statistics but the .45 Auto has a strong advantage from the momentum point of view. Yet strength problems on both ends (if recoil wasn’t a problem we ‘d all carry a.44 Magnum).We see the other side of the power argument by contrasting the recoil of these cartridges in fully loaded Glock 19, 22, and 21 handguns. The 9 mm Luger produces 66% of the recoil of an.45 Auto, but provides 96% of its kinetic energy and 69% of its momentum.

Bullets Velocity

When it comes to protective handgun bullets, some say velocity doesn’t matter. Of course this is beyond exaggeration. The.38 Special and.357 Magnum fire the same bullet but there’s no doubt that it’s a better neutralizer due to the higher velocity of the.357. The quicker a bullet is moved, the more momentum it has in rotation.


Something few understand is how this all translates into a danger stoppage. Bullets cause bleed to bad guys. The more they bleed and the more hurt the bite, the quicker they curb their bad conduct. Formulas cannot predict this. The discrepancies are marginal when compared to the terminal performance of five of the better 9 mm, .40 S&W and.45 Auto loads.bullets

The Real Unlike

These cartridges exhibit measurable differences. But surgeons will warn you that you can’t look into a cadaver or look into it and warn you positively which cartridge was responsible for the damage that put it on the coroner’s dice. The differences which matter most are on the end of the fire.

Will your hand match to the pistol? Could you get accurate hits and manage the recoil, quickly? Does the pistol hold enough ammunition to solve a problem effectively? And can you hide it, and be able to carry it all day? Shooters must consider a combination of handguns / cartridges offering the best balance of strength, speed and ability, given the size of the weapon they wish to carry,You ‘re better off spending the time trying to match the shooter / pistol system than between the gun and the bad man. These three cartridges are good enough but you have to be able to fire in the end.bullets

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