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Reasons Why Glock keeps Rocking

Glock pistols are everywhere in the modern gun world, whether for law enforcement, military or personal defence. Yet why exactly do the handguns keep ruling the market?

Assets That Drive Glock Pistols’ Popularity

  • Simple, intuitive controls that streamlined the manipulation of the pistols.
  • A polymer frame, the pistols are consistently lightweight compared to its competitors.
  • Efficiently manufactured, the company has always offered an economically priced product.
  • With few parts, the pistols are easy to maintain and troubleshoot.
  • Rugged as they come, most last a lifetime, perhaps beyond.
  • Ample aftermarket upgrades, you can tailor the pistols to your exact needs and tastes.
  • More than proven in professional use by the world’s militaries and law-enforcement agencies.

If you gave up nearly half a century of monastic life just recently, you’ve heard of Glock. Without getting it is difficult, even though you are not a gun guy or gal. The ceramic, striker-fired guns flourish as the air we breathe and in flood stage cut a swath large like the Amazon River. The gun is everywhere, here, there. But why, then?

glock pistols Absolute classic prototypes for handguns abound in the modern world. Or if you are prepared to do a bit of hunting at fair rates. A 1911 standard or a Sig Sauer P226, also a vintage Browning Hi-Power that ticks like a clock as it is one of the many models of Austrian perfection, is as feasible to get your hands on.

glock pistols dominants like no other, filling up the holsters of the world’s military, law enforcement and armed civilians. Like them or hate them, this is quite a challenge to them. Yet Gaston Glock built some pretty simple qualities into his pistols that made them as popular as free $100 bills.

take a look at what makes the Glock – no matter the model – among the most used pistols of the here and now.

Intuitive Controls

Glocks are as plain as a drive through Kansas. This is a good thing. When you’re talking about a firearm intended for defensive use you want a streamlined system.

You only have to learn three external controls – the magazine release, the slide stop and the slide lock. External protection is a second thought, because it is built into the trigger and disabled when you put your finger on the bang switch. 

Even the factory trigger plays a part in making the weapons easy to use. A 5-pound pull weight, though now commonplace, was a marked break from the 10- to 12-pound pulls of the double-action revolver that dominated the early 1980s. Suddenly, on a regular basis , people who were decent to middling shooters started knocking the bullseye.

glock pistols Pleasant

There are also glock handguns. Certainly, a boon for professionals who could trim their overall daily burden substantially carrying the polymer pistol.

The 6-round .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 13, for example, was used by the unloaded FBI weighed in at around 31 ounces. Compare that with the unloaded 17-round 9 mm G17, which enters at right about 22 ounces. That is much less bulky, with more weaponry ready. When concealed carry picked up momentum an element not lost on the armed people.

Economically expensive

Originally Gaston Glock was not a manufacturer of weapons. Indeed, he made knives and strengthening equipment. While this lack of expertise may have helped to maintain the company low overheads.

Given that Glock had the G17 design before he had the facilities to construct it, the company has tailored its manufacturing to the gun. They put together in turn what has become a highly efficient and profitable process.

Given that nearly all pistols from gunmakers are identical in function and design, the company continues to offer guns that compete with or well below its competition. Unless you’re only paycheck that allows you to shop the budget pistol bin, you’ll most likely be able to afford a Glock … perhaps more than one.

Simple Accountants

The handguns are appallingly easy. Robb Manning mentions the Glock Reference Guide as 35 in his book. Ballpark, the pistols are about half the size of many other styles

It makes the system more durable, to a certain degree. Lesser pieces require less broken bits. In fact, John Browning ‘s line doesn’t take a technical genius to grasp a Glock. Many shooters, despite their versatility, would more than certainly overcome general problems with the pistols.


As previously stated, the handguns are basic, and therefore durable structures. In fact, they are known for their longevity. That can sound counterintuitive, considering that the company openly declares that their weapons consist of less than 86 percent steel. The business is famously discreet about the composition of polymers used to create the container, but the findings speak for themselves.

There are those who have driven their Glock to ridiculous heights, in addition to reaching the expectations of various military around the globe. One weapons writer claims to have fired his Gen 2 G17 for more than 365,000 rounds and it’s still running. Nevertheless, remarkable are fewer hyperbolic claims than 50,000-plus rounds-relatively commonplace.

Tons of upgrades to postmarket
A Glock is pretty darn good out of the box. But if you so desire you can make it a whole bunch better. Swimming in upgrades is aftermarket.

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