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300 Win Mag Savage Model 111 Rifle and Scope

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300 Win Mag Savage Model for sale, The 300 Win Mag Savage Model is a testament to modern firearms innovation, created with unparalleled accuracy in mind. This rifle showcases Savage’s commitment to blending technology and craftsmanship, delivering high-powered performance wrapped in contemporary aesthetics.

Exceptionally engineered for the most challenging shots, the 300 Win Mag Savage Model features a state-of-the-art recoil pad to optimize comfort, allowing you to consistently maintain focus and control. The incredible accuracy that this rifle exhibits is credited to its advanced, fluted barrel, as well as the expertly designed trigger system that grants a crisp, clean pull.

While performance is foundational, aesthetics are not compromised. The sophisticated, matte black finish portrays a robust and engaging visual presence, embodying the strength and skill of the owner. The smooth, sleek style encompasses not just appeal, but rugged durability that will withstand the test of time.

Buy 300 Win Mag Savage, Model goes beyond providing you with a firearm. We’re offering a shooting experience like no other, where every shot you make is an exhibition of power, precision, and expertise.

Indulge in the precision shooting experience you deserve. Elevate your marksmanship with us, Buy 300 Win Mag Savage Model, where power meets precision and style integrates with craftsmanship. Because for us, every shot counts, and you deserve nothing but the best!

Why Buy your 300 Win Mag Savage from Discrete Gun Shop- 

Its sterling specifications include a high-precision, milled steel barrel, providing unwavering accuracy even under the harshest conditions. This is complemented by the well-built, adjustable trigger system that makes operation a breeze regardless of the shooting conditions.

The ergonomic design ensures ease of use as well as a comfortable grip, enhancing user experiences on all fronts. Its superior handling combined with top-class mechanical design, places the 300 Win Mag Savage Model in a league of its own when it comes to both comfort and stability during shooting sessions.

Experience the exceptional smoothness of operation and the raw power of the 300 Win Mag bullet, complemented by the reliability of the Savage Model, ensuring your shots are always on target.

Strike with precision. Strike with power. Break away from limitations and redefine your shooting experience. Purchase the 300 Win Mag Savage Model today. Live the sensation of true power and impeccable precision with this iconic masterpiece. Trust us, it is more than a simple firearm – it’s a game-changer, it’s a power statement, and it’s a 300 Win Mag Savage Model.

300 Win Mag Savage for sale, Buy Scopes and Optics 

Buy 300 Win Mag Savage Model, This is a ready-to-go hunting machine …Don’t overlook it!!! This auction is for a very nice Savage model 111 in the 300 Win Mag caliber. 24″barrel that has a crisp and bright bore. Black nylon strap. L.O.P. is 13 1/4″. The scope is a very nice Tasco World Class 3-9×50 and is tuned in very accurately with 150-grain ammo. The rifle is all black and very good-looking. Bluing is near 100% and the stock is in very good condition. This rifle performs very, very well. Detachable 3-round magazine +1 in chamber.



Caliber…… 300 Win. Mag

Barrel Length…..24 inch

Capacity… 4UPC


Part Number


10.00 Pounds


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