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ASG CZ SHADOW 2 AIRSOFT PISTOL, Witness the unique blend of perfection and power with the ASG CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol, brought to you carefully and professionally by Discrete Gun Shop. We are not just about selling weaponry; we are dedicated to fulfilling the thrill, precision, and love of the game that airsoft enthusiasts crave. Airsoft Pistols are the best

Experience flawless design and unparalleled performance as the CZ Shadow 2 from Discrete Gun Shop delivers beyond your wildest expectations. This airsoft pistol promises not just a gun, but a testament to freedom, strength, and precision. Made with elite-quality metal, it boasts of realistic feel, lending authenticity to your airsoft adventures unlike any other.

The grip, robust yet comfortable, melds within your hand like an extension of your own body. The heavyweight construction, while emphasizing its premium quality, also optimizes the gun’s balance and speed, enhancing your confidence and skills on every shot.

ASG CZ SHADOW 2 AIRSOFT PISTOL, The ASG CZ Shadow 2 signifies superior functionality, featuring a crisp trigger that executes swift actions, an adjustable hop-up system for elevated practicality, and an impressively high magazine capacity that guarantees longer game time.

But that’s not all. The domination doesn’t end with functionality; the CZ Shadow 2 is visually stunning. The sleek, black finish complements its robust design, making this airsoft pistol an eye-catching tactical gear that elicits admiration and respect both on and off the field.

Get ready to conquer your airsoft field battles with CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol from Discrete Gun Shop. It’s not just a gun—it’s a game changer. Embrace the thrill. Ignite the passion. Play to conquer.

Discrete Gun Shop – Your Trusted ASG CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol Dealer

The ASG CZ Shadow 2 is the highly anticipated follow-up to the renowned CZ Shadow 1 (SP-01) and is a culmination of gunsmithing know-how and competition pedigree, all of which is apparent in the ergonomics and shooting experience of the pistol.

The airsoft version is an extremely faithful replica of the real steel version. The weight is extremely close to the real gun and all the ergonomics translate perfectly. The weight of the gun softens the recoil impulse of the pistol which in turn can help with added accuracy during rapid shooting. The new slide profile adds more surface area for manipulation and the more aggressive slide serrations offer a better purchase for your hand.

Awaken your inner marksman spirit with our ASG CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol, brought to you exclusively by Discrete Gun Shop. Inspired by modern competition guns, this authentic replica airsoft pistol is an essential addition to any airsoft enthusiast’s arsenal.
Our ASG CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol pushes the boundaries of the airsoft experience by melding uncompromised style with unparalleled functionality. With its sleek steel body and enhanced grip design, this airsoft pistol provides an exciting gaming weapon with the ideal weight, balance, and accuracy.
Key Features:
1. _Realistic Feel:_ Embrace the captivating realism of this airsoft gun. Meticulously crafted, it boasts a steel frame and highly realistic blowback action. You’ll feel like you’re using a real firearm, immersing you into the heart of the action.
2. _High Performance:_ The ASG CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol ensures high quality, responsive, and smooth trigger operations, and a boosted firing speed — ideal for everyone, from beginners to long-time enthusiasts seeking to enhance their precision targeting skills.
3. _Durability:_ Engineered for longevity, the CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol will accompany you through thick and thin. Its robust steel design ensures it can withstand rigorous gaming use and last for years to come.
4. _Efficient CO2 Use:_ With a 17-round capacity, this gun ensures efficient CO2 use to help you stay in the game longer.
5. _Secure and Dependable:_ Choose a product you can rely on. Discrete Gun Shop offers not just exceptional gaming weapons, but also peace of mind. Known for our superior customer service and guarantee of authenticity, we’re a name you can trust in the world of airsoft.
Unleash your competitive spirit, hone your skills, and dominate the field with the ASG CZ Shadow 2 Airsoft Pistol. Order yours from Discrete Gun Shop today! Prepare to experience unrivaled performance that thrills and inspires. 
Please note: It is the buyers’ responsibility to observe local laws and regulations relating to the purchase and use of airsoft guns. 
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Comes with all original parts plus:
Adjustable Fiber Rear Sight (Adjustable for windage and elevation.)
CZ Fiber optic front sight, 1.5mm (Shadow) – Height: 09 – 7.5mm
46, Front sight pin
Brand new (still sealed) CZ Shadow competition holster
Tactical Flat Red Trigger
Extended Thumb Rest Saftey Lever
Silver Original Shadow 2 short Grips
Trijicon Optic Mount screws
LOK Mag Release Button (Shadow 2) – Colour: Cherry red
Toni Multi Optic Mount (Shadow) – Optic model: Type B


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