Beretta 92A1



Have you been looking for a reliable and powerful pistol?
Look no further than the Beretta 92A1. This pistol comes with three 17-round magazines designed to deliver remarkable firepower out of the box while being absolutely durable and corrosion-resistant. Here are some of its features:


🔥 High Capacity Magazines: The Beretta 92A1 comes with three 17-round magazines, providing the user with plenty of firepower. 💪 Durability: The Beretta 92A1 is made from corrosion-resistant materials, making it a reliable and durable choice. 🔒 Safety: The Beretta 92A1 is equipped with manual safety and a visible automatic firing pin block, making it a safe choice for any user.


– Caliber: 9mm – Magazine Capacity: 17 Rounds – Overall Length: 8.5”


The Beretta 92A1 is a semi-automatic pistol that is operated by a single action. To fire, the user must pull back the slide, releasing the hammer and allowing the firing pin to strike the primer of the cartridge. The recoil of the fired round pushes the slide back, which in turn loads the next round from the magazine into the chamber.


Q: What caliber is the Beretta 92A1? A: The Beretta 92A1 is chambered in 9mm. Q: Does the Beretta 92A1 come with a manual safety? A: Yes, the Beretta 92A1 is equipped with a manual safety.


Beretta 92A1, 6 magazines 17+1 9mm

Beretta 92 A1
Caliber: 9mm
Barrel Length: 4.9″
Magazine: 6 (two are 15-round; 4 are 17-round)
TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
ACTION: Double / Single Action
FINISH: Matte Black
STOCK/FRAME: Alloy Frame
STOCK/GRIPS: Black Synthetic
WEIGHT: 33.3 oz. (unloaded)
SIGHTS: Removable Dovetail Front Sight
SAFETY: Ambi Manual Safety/Decocker
ADDL INFO: Picatinny rail
ADDL INFO: Rounded trigger guard


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