Unveil the power of the cutting-edge BUSHMASTER M4A3 PATROL CARBINE. Distinguished by its M4 barrel profile and six-position telescopic. Buy from Discrete Gun Shop.”

“Join the ranks of professionals worldwide who trust the BUSHMASTER M4A3 PATROL CARBINE. Purchase the model known for its distinctive M4 barrel profile and six-position telescopic at the Discrete Gun Shop.”


“Discrete Gun Shop – The Home of BUSHMASTER M4A3 PATROL CARBINE”

BUSHMASTER M4A3 PATROL CARBINE, Unleash the power of precision and reliability with the BUSHMASTER M4A3 PATROL CARBINE from Discrete Gun Shop. This is no ordinary firearm; this is a manifestation of excellent craftsmanship and superior engineering. Loved and trusted by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, the Bushmaster M4 secures its place as one of the most distinguished carbine models globally. This machine gun is perfect as its name.

What sets the Bushmaster M4 apart is its distinctive M4 barrel profile. This unique feature ensures unrivaled accuracy, delivering on the promise of sightlines that remain steadfast and true, no matter the circumstance. The Bushmaster M4 isn’t just about performance; it’s about consistency and dependability.

For a customized shooting experience, the carbine features a six-position telescopic, enabling maximum comfort and adaptability while in action. This modernized attribute means each shot you take is balanced, steady, and on-target, adjusting seamlessly to your unique physical requirements and shooting preferences.

When you purchase the Bushmaster M4A3 PATROL CARBINE from Discrete Gun Shop, you’re not just buying a firearm – you’re investing in a time-honored tradition of excellence, precision, and reliability. Trust in our name, and experience the power, performance, and peace of mind that only Discrete Gun Shop and the iconic Bushmaster M4 can deliver.

“Buy BUSHMASTER M4A3 PATROL CARBINE – Trusted By Professionals | Discrete Gun Shop”

Noteworthy for its distinctive M4 barrel profile, this exceptional carbine certainly holds its own, distinguishing itself with remarkable performance quirks and raw power that will impress even the most discerning shooter. The M4 barrel is optimized for weight and heat resistance, lending itself to tight, nimble maneuvers while maintaining impressive durability and unquestioned performance.

Catering to the varying needs of different users, the Bushmaster M4A3 Patrol Carbine also comes fitted with a six-position telescopic stock, granting you total control over the weapon’s length, making it adjustable to fit out-of-the-box for any shooter. Benefit from increased mobility in close quarters, or adjust for the best possible shoulder fit for long-range sessions.

When your life hangs in a balance, every second counts, and there’s no room for compromise. The Bushmaster M4A3 Patrol Carbine from Discrete Gun Shop is your partner in defense. It stands up to challenges, answers the call of duty, and keeps you safe.

Experience the power and precision. Invest in the elite performance and audacious king of carbines – The Bushmaster M4A3 Patrol Carbine. Only at Discrete Gun Shop, where your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities.

Manufacturer: Bushmaster

Model: Patrolman’s Carbine M4A3 MagPul

SKU: 90289MAGPUL (Black)

Caliber: .223 Remington/5.56 NATO

Capacity: (1) 30 Round PMAG

Barrel: 16″ M4 Profile Chrome-Lined

Stock: MOE Magpul

Handguard: MOE Magpul

Grip: MOE Magpul

Rate of Twist: 1:9″

Weight: Approx. 6.7 lbs

Sights: A2 Front, MBUS MagPul Rear

Trigger: Single Stage MIL-SPEC


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