CORE15 Scout AR-15 5.56 NATO Semi Auto Rifle


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Our CORE 15 AR isn’t just another firearm. Handpicked for its supreme reliability, this semi-automatic marvel is crafted with precision in every single detail. Engineered to withstand even the harshest of conditions, the CORE 15 AR brings together formidable power and enduring durability. Its semi-automatic action punches with intensity, offering a swift response time that makes every shot count.

Take hold of our CORE15 Scout AR-15 5.56 NATO Semi-Auto Rifle and you will instantly perceive the artisanal quality that sets it apart. Light, yet robust, this piece embodies hard-wearing resilience surrounded by an alluring design. The sound it makes when you pull the trigger? Nothing short of music to your ears, emitting the soulful rhythm of power, strength, and engineered accuracy. The epitome of precision, the CORE15 Scout AR-15 ensures every single shot hits its mark.

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Discrete Gun Shop | CORE15 Scout AR-15 5.56 NATO Semi Auto Rifle | Best Place to Buy CORE 15 AR

Allow us to introduce our finest offering, the CORE 15 AR. This rifle is the embodiment of precision, power, and prowess. Authentically engineered with the most sophisticated technology, the CORE 15 AR takes shooting accuracy to an unprecedented level. As an unlocker of adventure, this semi-automatic rifle is designed for high performance in a wide range of environments.

But that’s not all. We also offer the inimitable CORE15 Scout AR-15 5.56 NATO Semi Auto Rifle. Shined and polished to perfection, this rifle symbolizes a balance of artillery might and graceful aesthetics. Crafted with an attention to detail and a respect for the legacy of firearm craftsmanship, it is chambered in 5.56 NATO, providing versatile utility for diverse shooting applications.

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Escape the ordinary, and elevate your shooting experience with the CORE 15 AR and the CORE15 Scout AR-15 5.56 NATO Semi Auto Rifle. Witness craftsmanship meets performance at Discrete Gun Shop. Own the power, praise the precision, and usher in a new age of firearm ownership.

The CORE15 Scout is a solid-performing semi-automatic rifle. Built on forged 7075-T6 receivers, the Scout has a 16″ Government profile barrel with nitride finish and all the features you would expect in a quality modern sporting rifle, including a 158 Carpenter steel bolt, chrome lined M16 profile bolt carrier, laser engraved T-marks, and a Type III Class II hard-coat anodized finish. The rifle has a forged front sight post and is ready for the rear sight or optics of your choice.

Specifications and Features:
CORE15 14045
5.56 NATO (accepts .223 Remington)
16″ Government-profile barrel with nitride finish
A2 flash hider
30-round Mission First Tactical Magazine
A2 pistol grip
Oversized trigger guard
The A-frame front sight base
Six-position collapsible stock


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