FEDERAL .40 S&W Ammo



FEDERAL .40 S&W Ammo, Buy FEDERAL .40 S&W Ammo, Buy Federal ammo

FEDERAL .40 S&W Ammo,  is Very Reliable and Powerful. Used by Federal Agencies, this round is armor-piercing and very inexpensive per shot.

FEDERAL HST.LAW ENFORCEMENT TACTICAL AMMO. Nickel Cased High Expansion deep penetrating HOLLOW POINT!!! This stuff expands like crazy and rips apart the bad guys. These are becoming scarce and prices rising daily

History in slow motion. From the street to the duty belt, trust your duty to Federal Premium® personal defense ammunition. Products from Lawman supply are designed and engineered to give your morning routine a little more excitement while giving you that edge in performance you need. Whether it’s on duty or off, depend on Lawman Supply for high-quality law enforcement firearms accessories at prices you can afford. We work with all levels of government direct which gives us trust as a valued partner in delivering top-quality products to supply officers and agents worldwide.

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Performs as well as expected accurately within 1 foot of the target for sustained 100 rounds. The bullet was developed by Federal with Larry Kelley and Bruce Prior from 2004 to 2006. It replaced the .40 S&W 180-grain Silvertip cartridge which was one of two standard-pressure loads at that time along with the 10mm 180-grain JHP.

5.56x45mm NATO (NATO SS109 specification) is a type of ammunition developed in the 1950s as an alternative to the standard 7.62×51mm NATO rounds used by the nations of NATO plus others. It is for use in the older M16, FAL, and G3 series rifles and machine guns, as well as some current derivatives.

Federal Cartridge Company (FCC), is an ammunition and reloading components manufacturer based in Anoka, Minnesota. It is currently owned by Vista Outdoor. Federal manufactures shotgun shells for hunting, self-defense, and clay target shooting; cases for reloading rifle and handgun cartridges; bullets for reloading both rifle and handgun cartridges; primers for reloading several calibers of pistol and rifle ammunition; own brand promotional products such as clothing ranges including the intrinsically safe range

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Our goal is a simple Mission: To support the defense of our Homeland with quality training, promotion, and delivery of products. Federal’s Black Cloud high-velocity rimfire ammunition line has quickly become one of the most trusted brands in the industry among recreational shooters who demand high-quality ammunition for their handguns at affordable prices. Features a cleaner burning propellant to reduce powder fouling acks after repeated firing sessions. Hard cast SWC projectile ensures consistent accuracy and a higher ballistic coefficient to produce and flatter trajectory with match-grade long-distance accuracy when sighted in at 25 yards on the slide of a pistol.



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