Gewehr Gew 88 commission 1888 rifle German


Discover our exclusive collection of Gewehr Gew 88 commission 1888 rifles. German-made, refurbished in Matt Black, and available for immediate sale at Discrete Gun Shop.


Buy Authentic Gewehr Gew 88 | Original German Commission 1888 Rifles for Sale | Discrete Gun Shop

Introducing Discrete Gun Shop- Your Ultimate Destination for German Classics!

Unleash the thrill of historical weaponry with our stunning collection of Gewehr Gew 88. Known for their iconic craftsmanship of the late 19th century, these rifles symbolize a time when precision was an art. The Gew 88 Commission rifles are now available, offering you a chance to own a beautiful slice of history.

We’re excited to present the legend itself, the coveted Commission 1888 rifle, a rare piece that we’ve proudly restored to its original prestige. Be the envy of any gathering as you show off this timeless classic, lovingly refurbished to perfection.

An exceptional gem is waiting for you in our Spandau 1890. This blast from the past, clad in its original .318 bore 8mm, is a proud testament to German engineering and design. Maintaining its historical appeal, this rifle has been carefully restored in a sophisticated Matt Black finish that enhances its charm while staying true to its original, striking features.

At Discrete Gun Shop, quality comes first. Our team of experts ensures that every piece we carry has been meticulously examined and optimized for safety without compromising its historical values. Experience the thrill of unearthing rare collectible treasures in our one-of-a-kind line-up.

Own a piece of history, possess a symbol of heritage, and experience the enigmatic charm of an antique armory like never before. Visit Discrete Gun Shop, and step into a world where past and present merge to create something truly spectacular.

Your pride, our passion, the Discrete Gun Shop. Come, let’s celebrate history together!

“Buy Gewehr Gew 88 Commission 1888 Rifle German | Discrete Gun Shop”

The exceptionally crafted Spandau 1890 version of the Gewehr Gew 88 we offer is in its original .318 bore 8mm configuration. This flagship relic recalls a formidable period of history, embodying the heritage and ruggedness of old-world Germany. Each rifle has been meticulously refurbished, preserving the authenticity of the weapon.

In the pursuit of uniqueness, each piece is finished in a durable Matt Black. This exclusive finish not only retains the traditional artistry but also ensures its longevity. It’s a distinctive blend of authenticity and refinement.

At the Discrete Gun Shop, we value discretion. Your purchase is conducted with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Experience the thrill of holding history in your hands. Invest in a legacy with this unparalleled, rare find from our extensive collection. German precision, high functionality, and a dash of history — a treasure every gun enthusiast should possess. Visit Discrete Gun Shop today, and make the Commission 1888 rifle yours. Unleash your passion, as owning a Gewehr 88 isn’t just about having a firearm; it’s about owning a piece of history.

Gewehr Gew 88 commission 1888 rifle German WW1

Presenting the Gew 88 Commission Rifle – a revered relic from Germany, circa 1888. This prized piece served as a crucial companion to soldiers in the throes of World War 1. Discover a piece of history with this German masterpiece, meticulously crafted for the ultimate precision, embodying the spirit and bravura of the wartime era. Buy Gewehr Gew 88 Commission 1888 Rifle


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