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NORWEGIAN Kongsberg M1914, Buy Kongsberg Colt, Kongsberg Colt pistols, Kongsberg Colt for sale

Buy Kongsberg Colt, Kongsberg Colt pistols, The Kongsberg Colt is a nickname used for Colt M1911 pistols produced under license by the Norwegian factory Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk.

Buy Kongsberg Colt, Kongsberg Colt pistols, Norway adopted the 7.5 mm Nagant revolver (named M/1893) as the standard Norwegian military sidearm in 1893. Commissions to test possible new service pistols were active from 1904 till 1911. In 1911, a commission recommended the adoption of the semi-automatic .38 ACP caliber Colt Military Model 1902 pistol, after field trials with 25 such pistols, all purchased from Colt’s London Agency. However, as the US had just adopted the Colt .45ACP M1911 pistol it was decided to conduct further tests. A pistol of the new M1911 design was received in Norway in January 1913. Following extensive tests through early 1914, it was finally decided, in August 1914, to adopt the Colt M1911 pistol in Norway. These pistols were to replace the Nagant revolvers (7,5mm M/1893) as the standard military sidearm in Norway. While the original pistol was known as the 1911 Colt, the designer and copyright owner were John Browning who had licensed manufacturing in the US to Colt. Norway attempted to get licensing through Colt, but discovered European production was through Fabrique Nationale. So in September 1914, Norway signed a contract with Fabrique Nationale of Belgium for manufacture. The pistol would be produced at Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk in Norway.

The Kongsberg Colt remained in service with the Norwegian Armed Forces until being replaced by the Glock P80 in 1985.


As production started was slow, some Model 1911s were bought from Colt USA. Four hundred pistols were shipped to Norway for the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1915, and 300 more pistols were shipped in 1917 for the Norwegian Army. The price was US$18.50 per piece.

NORWEGIAN KONGSBERG for sale, The first test production at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk in Norway occurred in 1917 and 95 pistols were finished and wrongly stamped “COLT AUT. PISTOL M/1912”.These pistols were identical to the Colt M1911 except for a minor detail on the hammer checkering. 100 pistols were ordered, but 5 were rejected during production. The serial range was from 1 to 95. Number 2 was stolen from the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum in 1978.

Buy Kongsberg Colt, Kongsberg Colt pistols, Kongsberg Colt for sale

Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk was ready to start mass production in 1918. One significant change was now made. The slide-stop was extended down and back to make it easier to operate. This change required a cut-out in the left stock. This change had been suggested in 1916 but did not materialize on the production pistols before 1918. The new version had the left side of the slide stamped “11.25 m/m AUT. PISTOL M/1914.”, which was correct as the adoption of the gun was approved in 1914.Most of the pistols that had been marked “1912” were recalled to the factory to have the “new” slide stop installed. Production went on, and 22,311 pieces were made before 1940, including the 1917 test run).

During the German occupation of Norway (1940–1945), the manufacture of the pistol, given the designation Pistole 657(n), was continued under German control. The Waffenamt acceptance mark (WaA84) was added in 1945 and only those 920 pistols produced that year were ever Waffenamt-marked. It is not likely that any of these Waffenamt-marked pistols ever saw any action during World War II as the first one, serial# 29615, was delivered March 29, 1945, and the last one, serial number 30534, was delivered on 5 May 1945 just before the liberation of Norway.[citation needed] In total, approximately 8200 pistols were made during the German occupation (serials 22312-30534). All of them were delivered to AOK Norwegen (Army) except 700 that were delivered to Maza Norwegen (Navy).

Occupation production:

1940 = approx. 50 pistols
1941 = approx. 4099 pistols
1942 = 3154 pistols
1945 = 920 pistols
No pistols were produced in 1943 and 1944. In those years, the production of Krag-Jørgensen rifles was prioritized.

A further 2,319 pistols were assembled from existing parts after the war until production was halted at serial number 32854 in 1948. Twenty additional pistols were assembled from foreign-produced parts in 1987 as collector’s pieces for the US market. A US dealer supplied commercial frames, slides, and barrels as well as other parts that were assembled at Kongsberg. Previous markings were removed and Kongsberg markings and serials were engraved on the parts before the assembled pistols were returned to the US

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NORWEGIAN Kongsberg M/1914, Colt 45-ACP EXC.

Buy NORWEGIAN KONGSBERG, Excellent Kongsberg Norwegian Model 1914, dated 1926, with a serial number that is the range of 8,941 – 11, 820, from a total of 2,879 made that year, the Cal 11.25mm/45 ACP, with a standard 5” bbl, and original dark black phosphate finish in about 90/95 percent of its hardware. Original 2-pc diamond pattern checkered walnut with distinctive cutout for Norwegian slide release, in excellent condition. Slide marked on the left side: “11.25m/m AUT.PISTOL M/1914 No. XX412” with Norwegian crown proofs on the opposite side of the sling behind the ejection port. The date “1926” is stamped on the right side of the frame.

The frame on the left side has SN in traditional locations, with the last 3 digits (412) marked on external components. Excellent overall with very good bore and mechanics. Finish overall very strong with a typical muzzle and slight wear on flats of slide from holster use. The frame is very good with some thinning of the finish on the front strap, grip safety, and mainspring housing. It comes with the standard Norwegian loop 7th magazine.

The NORWEGIAN KONGSBERG pistol is combat-proven and battle-proven, highly resistant to attack in any climate. The NORWEGIAN is durable even in the harshest combat environments, it has proven itself in real-life harsh tactical military field testing events for all branches of the armed forces around the globe that purchases several units for their respective military. Our Pistol offers semi-automatic firing and it uses 9 mm ammunition.

The 9mm “Commander” is the same frame size and price as the large .45ACP, but fires smaller 9mm ammunition. You need a smaller gun for women who are discouraged by the recoil of a full-power .45ACP on a short barrel. Your customers should also consider that there is less cost to carry 9mm versus 45 ACP in an attempt to provide you with more rounds per utility budget allowing you greater protection.

Swedish inventor John Moses Browning patented his design for the “lock” or slide-locked recoil-operated pistol in 1897. The Model 1898 Swedish Mauser was manufactured by Waffenfabrik Solothurn as a submission for a Swedish cavalry sidearm. When the improved Model 1900 was tested in 1901, it outperformed all other models and remains, to date, one of the most advanced true locked breech designs to ever go into military service.

This elite imported range sport pistol is one of the newest to emerge on the market. It is one of Norway’s most coveted products and will give you great performance with its 11mm “Pistonde Signale Pistolet” steel bullet firing system. It’s an accurate range of up to 6 meters away, fits in your palm, and weighs 185 grams! This is a must-have from Norway!


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