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There are the standard Umarex markings and warnings on the right side of the HK45. It doesn’t bother me but I know it would bother the purists. After picking up the pistol, you’ll notice that it has pretty good heft to it at 0.87kg, though about half is due to the magazine.
The KWA HK45 slide locks back after you’ve fired the last round from the magazine, slap a new mag in disengage the slide lock and you’re ready to rock and roll. Both the magazine catch and slide release are ambidextrous which is good news for lefties. On the left side of the gun’s manual safety/decocker but it’s only accessible when the pistol is held in the right hand.

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The Umarex HK45T is the tactical version of the original HK45; this gun is fully licensed by Umarex as well as H&K. The HK45 has a 16mm CW threaded barrel similar to the one found on its real steel counterpart, this allows for mounting of suppressors and tracer units to the gun. The gun also has a picatinny accessory rail dust cover for mounting of lasers and lights.

The gun has full ambidextrous controls; the magazine release, slide release as well as the safety can all be actuated on both sides. The safety of the gun also functions as a decocker, so you could decock your pistol as well.
The HK45 uses the same NS2 gas system that powers all of KWA’s current generation pistols & GBBRs, though this gun is not officially a PTP (Professional Training Products) device.


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