Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm


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Discrete Gun Shop proudly introduces the Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm, a symbol of precision, power, and reliability. Exquisitely crafted and designed for the serious enthusiast, this impeccable firearm redefines the standard for performance and style.

The Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm stands elegantly with a high-grade stainless-steel slide coupled with a durable polymer frame. The two-toned finish is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it offers an exceptional level of durability to withstand the challenges of time and use.

Expertly engineered, the Walther P99 features a uniquely designed trigger system that provides an unrivaled shooting experience. Its superior firepower, paired with remarkable accuracy, grants you the confidence needed in all situations, from professional applications to recreational shooting.

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Reliable Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm | Buy Online – Discrete Gun Shop

Buy Walther P99 Two-Tone online, This elegant weapon exhibits both power and sophistication, draped in a sleek two-tone stainless design that captures both the intricacy of its engineering and the potency of its purpose.

Composed with an aluminum alloy frame to ensure lightweight handling, this firearm presents a seamless blend of functionality and ease of use equipped with an anti-stress trigger that guarantees an accurate, reliable shot each time.

Crafted meticulously, each detail of the Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm speaks volumes about its capabilities. The unique de-cocker safety feature enhances user safety, while its ergonomic grip ensures effortless handling even under pressure.

Ready for immediate shipment, this beautiful firearm awaits your order from the recesses of our secure online platform. Buy the Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm online, right at your convenience, and experience a world of precision and power right in your hands. Walther P99 Two-Tone for sale online

Experience the thrill of owning a perfect companion for self-defense, sporting, or even casual target practice. With the Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm, not only do you possess a tool of protection, but also a symbol of prestige brought to you straight from the heart of Discrete Gun Shop.

Order today and become a part of our legacy, where quality intertwines with safety and the ultimate user experience. Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm is now available for sale online. It’s more than just a purchase; it is an investment in reliability, a statement of strength, and a promise of performance.

Let your instincts guide you to Discrete Gun Shop, and unveil the full potency of the Walther P99 Two-Tone Stainless 9mm. Bear the silent witness of precision in power – discreet yet profound.

This rather rare Walther P99 two-tone pistol came in with several other collectible firearms. It features a stainless slide, which Walther no longer offers in this P99 model.
Overall in excellent condition with just a small mark near the muzzle on the RH side of the slide ( Looks like discoloration or maybe muzzle wear). Comes with everything original to the Walther package.
Manufacturer:  Walther
Model:  P99
Caliber:  9mm Luger (9×19 Para)
Barrel Length:  4 inch
Capacity:  15
Frame Finish:  Blued
Slide Finish:  Stainless.
Walther Box, Manuals, Paperwork
Interchangeable Backstraps
Two 15rd Magazines
NRA: Excellent


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