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American Tactical Titan 1911 featuring a low-profile fixed rear is now available for sale at Discrete Gun Shop. Click to explore our quality range.

This iconic pistol boasts a 5-inch steel barrel, meticulously crafted for unparalleled accuracy and consistent performance. Whether you’re a recreational shooter, competitive athlete, or concerned about personal defense, the Titan 1911 is the perfect choice.


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Discover the Power of American Artistry with the American Tactical Titan 1911

Buy American Tactical Titan 1911 , Are you a gun enthusiast looking for the perfect blend of American craftsmanship and superior functionality in a firearm? Well, look no further. Discrete Gun Shop proudly presents the American Tactical Titan 1911. Ideal for both aficionados and novices, this limited-edition firearm is the embodiment of precision, power, and exceptional reliability.

Discover the excellence of American Tactical Titan 1911. With a 5″ steel barrel & CNC-machined aluminum slide, experience unparalleled precision. Buy now at Discrete Gun Shop.

The American Tactical Titan 1911 possesses a robust 5-inch steel barrel, meticulously crafted for consistent performance and unerring accuracy. Its sheer strength and durability make it the perfect accompaniment for recreational shooting, competitive events, and personal defense. In essence, it’s a timeless classic reframed for the modern shooter.

What truly sets the American tactical Titan 1911 apart from its contemporaries is the CNC-machined aluminum slide – a testament to unrivaled craftsmanship. Using cutting-edge technology, every inch of the slide is fashioned with utmost precision, resulting in a firearm that embodies flawless operation and superior durability.

Buy American Tactical Titan 1911  online, The subtlety lies in the details of the Titan 1911. It showcases a low profile fixed rear sight, perfect for swift target acquisition and unerring accuracy. It’s designed to grant day-to-night versatility – whether you’re a dawn patrol shooter or twilight marksman, the Titan 1911 ensures an uninterrupted field of view.

The American Tactical Titan 1911 is more than just a firearm, it’s a statement of prestige and performance. Thus, Discrete Gun Shop invites you to be part of a distinct class of gun owners who value quality over simplicity and functionality over aesthetics. Don’t wait – the American Tactical Titan 1911 is waiting for you to take the plunge.

Your journey to unrivaled shooting experience starts here at Discrete Gun Shop, where excellence meets discretion. Make the American Tactical Titan 1911 yours today.

American Tactical Titan for sale, Buy American Tactical Titan 1911,  has a 5 steel barrel, CNC-machined aluminum slide, low profile fixed rear sight, and three front sights (low, med, high). This model features a threaded barrel (M9x.75) under the slide to accept your adaptor and muzzle device. It has a black anodized metal finish and walnut grips with double diamond checkering. Included is a 10-round magazine.

1911 fans will surely take notice when they see the attractive new pricing of the proven Firepower Xtreme series. ATI’s classic line of 1911s includes Military and G.I. models, each styled with all steel parts and solid mahogany grips. Compatible with many different brands of 1911 magazines and parts as well. Some parts may need machining to fit correctly.

Buy American Tactical Titan 1911, Buy American Tactical Titan, American Tactical 1911 for sale

Compact Commander Size
Single Action
7+1 Capacity

Caliber: .45ACP
Height: 5.28 Inches
Length: 7.87 Inches
Weight: 33.5 Ounces
Magazine Capacity: 7

Material: 4140 Steel
Finish: Blued
Color: Matte Black

Material: 4140 Steel
Finish: Blued
Color: Matte Black
Rear Military Serration

Military Style Front and Rear Sights

Mahogony Textured Pattern

Length: 4.25 Inches
Material: 4140 Steel
Finish: Steel
Color: Steel

Material: Aluminum
Design: Military
Color: Matte Black

The Titan 1911 gun features a 4.25-inch stainless steel barrel with a 5-inch slide, railed frame, and cross-cannon top slide serrations for easy manipulation of the slide. Milled nitrated steel flat competition trigger and hammer paired with a skeletonized target black aluminum alloy combat style grip make this a very powerful piece to fire! 8-round magazine.Barrel Length: 5”,

Buy American Tactical Titan 1911 online. Overall Length: 8.5” The PT-1911 Titan 45 ACP pistol is finished in a proprietary black Nitride and machined into intricate and detailed features that are mirrored on both sides of the frame.

The slide features a wide skeletonized serrated front sight with a rear dovetail milled to 1911 specifications for an adjustable sight, along with a countersunk high relief tactical rail for weapon lights or lasers. Extreme detail and extensive hand finishing throughout highlight this extraordinary firearm.

American Tactical’s Titan is an excellent modern reproduction of the venerable 1911 design. Built to handle +P ammo and outfitted with tactical features as an integral part of its design, these handguns are a dream come true.

Needing only minor fitting, they perform like no gun you’ve ever shot before. It features a custom match-grade stainless steel barrel, forged frame, and slide packaged in hard-wrap cases worthy of royalty.

Since the days of first use, handguns have gained an innate allure for military, police, and civilian shooters. The Titan UHD is all about bringing the best in features along with several modern upgrades to help make serious users really happy.

We’re talking a fully customized leather Spartan holster w/LE Spec gear security capacity & proprietary locking system that my bold 9mm kitty fills properly for optimal combat readiness! That’s WITHOUT even mentioning our signature Caraba flat-dark-earth ventilated railed carbon delayed blowback slide combined with:

FEATURES: Buy American Tactical Titan 1911

🔫 Robust 5-inch steel barrel: Designed for consistent performance and unerring accuracy.
🔫 CNC-machined aluminum slide: Crafted with precision for flawless operation and superior durability.
🔫 Timeless classic design: A modern take on a beloved firearm.


– 5-inch steel barrel
– CNC-machined aluminum slide
– Timeless classic design


1. Load the magazine with ammunition.
2. Pull back the slide to load the first round.
3. Aim at your target and pull the trigger.
4. The slide will automatically eject the spent cartridge and load the next round.
5. Repeat until the magazine is empty.


Q: Is the American Tactical Titan 1911 suitable for personal defense?
A: Yes, its durability and accuracy make it a great option for personal protection.
Q: Can I use this firearm for competitive shooting?
A: Absolutely, the Titan 1911 is a popular choice among competitive shooters for its precision and reliability.




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