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Buy Astra Model 3000 online | Astra Model 3000 for sale online

Step into the world of discrete gun shopping with us. Now, easily buy the Astra Model pistol. With its semi-automatic design and top-notch safety features, the Astra Model 3000 for sale online is a steal.

This semi-automatic pistol is equipped with trigger and slide safety features, ensuring maximum safety while handling. Its lightweight aluminum frame and polymer grip make it easy to handle and perfectly balanced. The trigger group provides a smooth pull with each shot, while the cavity for 2 magazines allows for quick and easy reloading. The red-over-white sights provide clear visibility no matter the time of day. With each purchase, you will also receive a gun lock, bore brush, manual, and cleaning kit, making this a complete package for all your shooting needs.


Buy Astra Model pistol, Buy Astra Model 3000 online

Buy Astra Model 3000 online, Step into a realm of unprecedented safety and unbeatable firepower with Discrete Gun Shop – your go-to destination for elite-quality firearms. Introducing to our inventory, the Astra Model 3000 pistol – an emblem of precision, power, and protection.

Indulge in an unrivaled gun buying experience with the best—the Astra Model 3000 for sale online at Discrete Gun Shop. Highlighting semi-automatic design and superior safety elements, it’s the secure choice for all.

This semi-automatic pistol, famed for its superior performance, packs a punch with each shot you fire. The gun’s meticulously engineered design exemplifies the next level of firearm technology, offering an unparalleled blend of innovative features and superior reliability.

The Astra Model 3000 is crafted with absolute attention to detail, showcasing an exterior that’s as robust as it is stylish. Its ergonomic grip allows for effortless handling, while the compact size makes it an excellent choice for concealed carry – the ultimate companion for your personal protection needs.

Safety is a paramount concern at Discrete Gun Shop, and the Astra Model 3000 embodies this emphasis seamlessly. Equipped with both trigger safety and slide safety features, every shot embodies the balance of power and control. These safety elements impeccably integrated into its design, not only aid in reducing the risk of accidental discharge but also ensure high levels of safety.

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Buy Astra Model 3000 online – Discrete Gun Shop

The Astra Model 3000 pistol is a masterpiece that ensures you get the highest level of security. Intricately assembled with a semi-automatic design, it provides an effortless and quick response, making it perfect for those who appreciate speed and accuracy.

Are you worried about accidental discharges? Say goodbye to such concerns because the Astra Model 3000 comes equipped with top-notch safety features that are unheard of in the industry. A dual safety mechanism that includes a trigger safety and slide safety provides peace of mind while handling. Your protection is our priority, and this wonderful piece of craftsmanship embodies that belief perfectly.

The Astra Model 3000 is more than a pistol. It is a promise of safety, a handshake of trust, and a badge of honor.

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Buy Astra Model pistol, The Astra Model 3000 pistol features a semi-automatic design, with trigger safety and slide safety features that provide high levels of safety. The pistol is constructed in a light aluminum frame and polymer grip, making the gun lightweight yet perfectly balanced. Trigger group offers a smooth pull with each shot, the cavity for 2 magazines provides ease of reloading, and red over white sights for the time of day clarity. Each box includes accessories including a gun lock, bore brush, manual, and cleaning kit

Buy Astra Model 3000 online. The pistol is in very nice condition IMO with normal holster wear where you would expect to see it. Chambered in 9mmK/.380 ACP. The pistol functions as it should with no feed or extraction problems using Fiocchi ammunition. The serial number indicates a 1952 production while the date code stamp A-1 indicates 1955 proof. See pictures for condition and markings

Buy the Astra Model pistol, The Astra 3000 pistol is a semi-automatic weapon. Mounted on standard frames with pneumatically driven, free recoil action and firing from a closed bolt for the closest possible approach to perfect guidance of the bullet. Magazine magazines loaded 8 rounds in 9 mm P caliber for self-defense carry three additional cartridges in 9 mm para caliber. Standard finish: a blued barrel and receiver, a dark brown wooden stock with cheekpiece and buttplate of walnut or colored plastic.

Buy Astra Model pistol, Astra Unceta y Cía was a Spanish weapons manufacturer founded on July 17, 1908, under the name Esperanza y Unceta by Juan Esperanza and Pedro Unceta. First based off Eibar, the stronghold of the Basque arms industry, the company moved in 1913 to Guernica.

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buying the Astra Model 3000 is safe and seamless. The semi-automatic pistol provides optimal safety and unparalleled design. Astra Model 3000 is for sale online here.”

Juan Esperanza Salvador (1860–1951) and Pedro Unceta (1854–1934), both from Eibar, founded the company in 1908 under the name P.Unceta y J.Esperanza for the “sale of machinery and accessories of all types”. At this stage, there was no mention of the sale or manufacture of arms, although both partners had previously been engaged in this field on their account. In 1908 Juan Esperanza had six full-time staff, and in 1910, ten staff.

In 1911, he formed a partnership with Isidro Gaztañaga—Gaztañaga y Esperanza. This new company had between 20 and 30 staff. From 1911 onward, patents for firearms began to be issued to P.Unceta y and J. Esperanza, concerning improvements to self-loading pistols. In 1913, the manufacture of pistols began at their new factory.

Early production
In 1912, a new pistol was adopted by the Spanish military, designed by a retired military officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Don Venancio López de Ceballos y Aguirre, Count of Campo-Giro. The new gun was officially designated the Pistola Campo-Giro de 9mm Modelo 1912 but is generally referred to as the Campo-Giro after its inventor.

After an unknown number of Modelo 1912 pistols had been manufactured, the army became aware that an improved version of the pistol had been developed by Astra-Unceta, and in January 1914 this model was adopted as the Pistola Campo-Giro de 9mm Modelo 1913.

The Model 1913 was manufactured by Esperanza Y Unceta and the increased volume of orders triggered their move to a new factory in Guernica. During 1914, 1,300 pistols were made before production was halted to include new modifications.

Modelo 1913
The Modelo 1913 was a delayed blowback design, unusual in a gun chambered for a powerful military cartridge. The Campo-Giro used a powerful spring to handle the recoil of the 9mm Largo cartridge and had a smaller spring beneath the barrel to serve as a shock absorber and delay the opening of the breach.

It retained an external hammer and a top ejection port like the Bergmann–Bayard, but had its magazine in the grip instead in front of the trigger guard, thus allowing a much longer barrel to be fitted.

The magazine release lever was just behind the oval-shaped trigger guard, between it and the front of the frame. The slide was fixed to the frame by a transverse wedge behind the breech, which in turn was held in place by the firing pin.

The Campo-Giro was over 225mm (9 inches long), weighed over 900 grams (2 pounds) unloaded, and had an 8-round magazine. It produced a greater muzzle velocity from the 9mm Largo round than did the Bergmann–Bayard, due to its 165mm (6 5/8 inch) longer barrel. The pistol was well made and accurate, but it was difficult to disassemble.[citation needed]

For the Astra Model pistol, Campo-Giro patented new improvements in 1913, 1914, and 1915, resulting in a redesigned frame, a redesigned mainspring, and the magazine release being moved to the bottom of the grip. Because of the First World War, the supply of black buffalo horn that was used for the grips was interrupted and it was substituted for wood.

The improved model was adopted in September 1916 as the Pistola Campo-Giro de 9mm, Modelo 1913-16. The company manufactured 13,625 examples between 1916 and 1919.

First World War
During the First World War, the firm supplied the Allies with an estimated 150,000 Ruby-type self-loading pistols. Ironically, the company had first introduced this design in 1911 as the Victoria, a pistol based on the Browning M1903 with improvements patented by Pedro Careaga in 1911, and by the Esperanza y Unceta company in 1912.

These patents may have covered the dual-purpose frame-mounted safety (instead of a grip safety), and the method of machining the serrations on the slide using a lathe.

The Victoria was in turn copied by Gabilondo y Urresti in 1914, the only real improvement being to increase the magazine capacity to 9 shots and fit a military-style lanyard ring. In 1915, Gabilondo sent examples of the pistols to the French government, and after testing was completed in May 1915, the French decided to accept the Ruby as the Pistolet Automatique, Type Ruby.

Substantial contracts were awarded to Gabilondo and eight partner companies, and eventually, desperation led to over 40 Spanish arms makers, including Esperanza y Unceta receiving contracts totaling at least 710,000 and perhaps as high as 950,000 pistols.

Esperanza y Unceta marked their Ruby-types Model 1914, Model 1915, Model 1916, Astra, Brunswig, and Victoria. They were also stamped with the French military identification mark EU on the frame and on the base of the magazine.

Interwar period
The Spanish Army, faced with growing complaints that the Campo Giro was proving to be less durable than expected and that disassembly was too difficult, began to search for a new service weapon. Esperanza y Unceta submitted their newly designed Model 400, and Star submitted their Model A. The Model 400 was designed by Pedro Careaga.

Trials took place in 1920 and 1921 and included an 800-round endurance test and harsh condition testing. Under- and over-loaded ammunition was also used, and the pistols measured for wear after 1000 rounds had been fired.

In September 1921, the Astra 400 was adopted as the Pistola de 9mm Modelo 1921. Both models had a long career and stayed in production until 1967 and 1946, respectively.

Two versions were envisaged: The 400 intended for the army as well as the carabineros or frontier troops and the Model 300, a slightly smaller version, intended for naval and air force officers. The Model 300 would be emblematic of the firm.

Astra Modelo 400
Main article: Astra 400
The 400 was chambered for the 9mm Bergman-Bayard cartridge, named after the first semi-automatic pistol in use with the Spanish Army. The caliber is known in Spain as the 9mm Largo (Long). During the Spanish Civil War, it was found it chambered the 9mm Parabellum cartridges supplied by Germany.

Offered in .32 ACP, 9mmP, or .380 ACP, 153,085 units were produced; 63,000 of these in .380ACP, were delivered to Germany, and 22,390 in .32ACP.

Astra Modelo 200
The Astra 200, a clone of the FN Model 1906, was extensively developed with several versions and calibers, .25 ACP and .22 Short primarily. 234,105 were built. Manufacture ceased in 1967, mainly taking into account new customs rules in the United States.

Name change and reorganization
In 1926 Juan Esperanza left the consortium and created his own company. The company changed its name and became Unceta y Compania.

The following year, the Spanish Army launched a new program aiming at modernizing its armaments, and Unceta, once again, won the contract.

In 1927, began the series production of Mod.900 largely inspired by the famous Mauser C96 and intended for the Nationalist Chinese. Some of these models (Mod.903) were found in the hands of German soldiers during the Second World War while model F equipped the Guardia Civil.

Although the series production of this model ceased in 1937, small quantities continued to be assembled later from remaining stocks.

Model 400/1921 and variants

🔫 Semi-Automatic Design: The Astra Model 3000 pistol offers a semi-automatic design, allowing for quick and efficient shooting.

🔒 Safety Features: With trigger and slide safety features, this pistol ensures maximum safety while handling.

💪 Lightweight and Balanced: Constructed with a light aluminum frame and polymer grip, this pistol is lightweight and perfectly balanced for comfortable handling.

🎯 Red Over White Sights: The red over white sights provide clear visibility for accurate shooting, no matter the time of day.

🔁 Magazine Cavity: The cavity for 2 magazines allows for quick and easy reloading, making this pistol ideal for any shooting situation.

– Caliber: 9mm
– Capacity: 15 rounds
– Barrel Length: 4 inches

1. Load the magazine with up to 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition.
2. Insert the magazine into the pistol’s grip.
3. Pull back the slide to load the first round into the chamber.
4. Aim and safely pull the trigger to fire.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all rounds have been fired.


Q: Is this pistol easy to handle?
A: Yes, the Astra Model 3000 pistol is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and polymer grip, making it easy to handle and perfectly balanced.

Q: What safety features does this pistol have?
A: This pistol has both trigger and slide safety features, ensuring maximum safety while handling.

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