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Buy Crux Nemesis 338 Suppressor, Buy Crux Nemesis Silencer online, Crux Nemesis Silencer for sale

Buy Crux Nemesis Silencer, New Crux Nemesis 338 Suppressor Silencer Lapua, Nemesis Silencer is constructed of Stainless Steel and offers superior sound reduction yet high a performance alternative to other products currently on the market.

New Crux Nemesis 338 Suppressor. 6″ OAL Hearing safe on 338 Lapua Magnum, Includes 1 muzzle brake mount in 5/8×24 thread.

Buy Crux Nemesis Silencer, Our silencer is a handmade base on a threaded medium/heavy barrel. The water gus force of a pen bore weapon is pushed back assuring our silencer to not overheat, unlike the others. It can add to the performance of your gun, without damaging any property or team members around you. Not all the detachable silencers for large caliber are considered civilian legal due to their length and size – but with Crux Nemesis, 338 Suppressor Silencer can be used freely by federal or state armories or by civilians regulated by law suite one may reside in the United States of America and

The Beyond reach of human ears, oceans, mountain ranges, and distances far greater than most people are willing to control can hear. This challenging aspiration defines Crux for their latest Nemesis suppressor design

The crux Nemesis Built for precision fire and complete suppression, the Crux Nemesis Suppressor provides reliable performance at a price our customers demand. Using a solid steel core to cut weight, this suppressor is shock- and weather-resistant for extreme durability on the job site or in the field. Stay on target when you outfit your weapon with a sleek O/A crucible-coated stainless body with QD Mounting mechanism. Fits 458 SOCOM caliber rifles, including AR-type uppers without barrel threading or gunsmith modifications needed.

Buy Crux Nemesis Silencer online, Crux Nemesis Silencer for sale

Cerberus [Cer AP 340 AM] is a sonic/ballistic sound suppression device that does not require batteries or maintenance. It exhibits better than 223 dB sound reduction with factory loads and lighter. Increasing the baffles changes our performance in excess of .338 Lapua performance tables. Spiral design reduces noise as the projectile moves through the suppressor increasing suppression efficiency as range increases, resulting from trapped molecules released by tumbling projectile inside the suppressor and overpressure expansion at working level 56 dB to 155 dB based on ammo used resulting in reduced recoil shock adding to higher hit probability behind the reception weapon plus reducing permeability

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