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Meet your trusted companion for any hunting expedition – The Tikka 223 Varmint.

The Discrete Gun Shop brings you the impeccable firearm that elevates your game. The venerable Tikka 223 Varmint, is the epitome of power, precision, and performance in one compact and robust package.

Ticker by ticker, this paramount firearm has been designed with one aim: to help you hit your target every single time. It’s not just a tool; it’s a testament to your command and control, it’s the Tikka 223 Varmint.

Known for its superb accuracy and precision, the Tikka 223 Varmint helps you make the most of every shot. Boasting a free-floating barrel, it ensures optimal precision regardless of the external conditions, making it the perfect ally in the wild.

Unleash the power with its extraordinary capacity magazine and feel the unbeatable steady performance. The robust weight aids in reducing muzzle jump and felt recoil, thereby ensuring excellent precision and consistency.

Featuring unprecedented ergonomics, the sleek and modern design of the Tikka 223 Varmint fits perfectly in your hand. Its cold hammer-forged steel barrel offers impeccable durability and a smooth trigger pull for rapid and precise firing.

But we’re not merely selling a product – we’re providing an experience. Buying the Tikka 223 Varmint online from the Discrete Gun Shop is seamless, secure, and straightforward. We prioritize your privacy and safety, aiming to deliver your firearm swiftly to your doorstep. All this and more, are now at your fingertips.

Don’t just take our word for it – experience the Tikka 223 Varmint. Visit the Discrete Gun Shop online today and let us guide you to the ultimate hunting companion. Acquire the precision, power, and performance that is the Tikka 223 Varmint. Buy yours today!

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Lovingly crafted in Finland, the Tikka .223 Varmint combines rich heritage with modern technology. Its free-floating barrel and solid steel receiver ensure superior shooting performance and rock-solid durability. The adjustable trigger lets you find the perfect balance, ensuring your shots are always on target even over long distances.

What truly sets the Tikka .223 Varmint apart is its incredible feel. Its ergonomically designed stock nestles into your grip, allowing for effortless aiming and shooting – be it on the shooting range or deep in the wilderness.

Now, gaining the upper hand in accuracy and precision is just a click away. With Discrete Gun Shop, you can buy the Tikka .223 Varmint online. We offer a seamless shopping experience with secure transactions and fast shipping, ensuring that your next firearm reaches your doorsteps discreetly and promptly.

We also offer the Tikka .223 Varmint for sale online. You can be confident of owning the rifle at competitive pricing. At Discrete Gun Shop, we believe in turning dreams into reality – let your dream of precision shooting get shaped today!

So, gear up! Usher in a new era of precision shooting with the Tikka .223 Varmint – a prized possession that’s worth every penny.

Welcome to Discrete Gun Shop – a world of exquisite precision.

Tikka 223 Varmint 1:8″ Twist 24″ Barrel EXCELLENT

Tikka T3 Varmint 223 1:8 Twist 6 round Detachable Magazine Barrel measures 23.7″ Less than 100 rounds fired. Excellent condition, with very few, and very minor nicks and handling marks. Factory rings, which I found to hold zero perfectly. My 40MM Scope with the Adjustable objective ring on the front cleared the barrel with these rings.




Length24 inch

Capacity 6


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