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Buy Beretta 92 Online, Presenting Discrete Gun Shop, your go-to hub for the Beretta 92 series of semi-automatic pistols engineered and brought to life by the master gunsmiths of Italy’s Beretta. Be it the marvelously crafted Beretta 92 Inox or the fiery ferocity of the Beretta 98, we’ve got an exquisite array that satiates the needs and tastes of every gun enthusiast.

Our Beretta 92 handguns are not merely a firearm, but they embody a piece of Italian rich craftsmanship. Crafted with precision and undying attention to detail, every inch of the Beretta 92 series radiates an aura of power and performance. With impeccable balance, a swift loading mechanism, superior accuracy, and a dramatic yet elegant appeal – the Beretta 92 Inux is every handgun lover’s dream weapon.

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Buy Beretta 96 online, The Beretta 92 (also Beretta 96 and Beretta 98) is a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and manufactured by Beretta of Italy. Model 92 was designed in 1972 and the production of many variants in different calibers continues today.

The United States military replaced the M1911A1 .45 ACP pistol in 1985 with the Beretta 92FS, designated as the M9

Factory New Model: 92 FS Inox (JS92F520M)
4.9″ Match Grade Barrel Chambered in 9mm
3-Dot Sight System, 2 15 magazines, 2 30 rounds included

External rounded hammer, Snag-free profile, Optimal chamber feed & angle for ultra-reliable feeding
Disassembly latch, Slide-mounted, ambidextrous safety/de-cocker (Type F)
Loaded chamber indicator, Reversible mag release
Includes Factory Hard Case, Manual, and Lock

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The Beretta 92 pistol evolved from earlier Beretta designs, most notably the M1923 and M1951. From the M1923 comes the open slide design, while the alloy frame and locking block barrel, originally from Walther P38, were first used in the M1951. The grip angle and the front sight integrated with the slide were also common to earlier pistols.

What was perhaps the Model 92’s two most important advanced design features that had first appeared on its immediate predecessor, the 1974 .380 caliber Model 84? These improvements both involved the magazine, which featured direct feed; that is, there was no feed ramp between the magazine and the chamber (a Beretta innovation in pistols). In addition, the magazine was a “double-stacked” design, a feature originally introduced in 1935 on the Browning Hi-Power.

Carlo Beretta, Giuseppe Mazzetti, and Vittorio Valle, all experienced firearms designers, contributed to the final design in 1975

Production began in May 1976 and ended in February 1983. Approximately 7,000 units were of the first “step slide” design and 45,000 were of the second “straight slide” type.

To meet the requirements of some law enforcement agencies, Beretta modified the Beretta 92 by adding a slide-mounted combined safety and decocking lever, replacing the frame-mounted manual thumb safety.

This resulted in the 92S, which was adopted by several Italian law enforcement and military units. The magazine release button is at the bottom of the grip as is customary in Europe. This model was produced from 1978 – 1982.

92SB (92S-1)
The 92SB, initially called 92S-1, was specifically designed for the USAF trials (which it won), the model name officially adopted was the 92SB. Features added include a firing pin block (thus the addition of the “B” to the name), ambidextrous safety levers, 3-dot sights, and relocated the magazine release catch from the bottom of the grip to the lower bottom of the trigger guard.

The later relocation of the magazine release button means preceding models (92 & 92S) cannot necessarily use later magazines unless they have notches in both areas.

A compact version with a shortened barrel and slide and 13-round magazine capacity known as the 92SB Compact was manufactured from 1981 to 1991.

92F (92SB-F)
Beretta modified the model 92SB slightly to create the 92SB-F (the “F” added to denote entry of the model in U.S. Government federal testing) by making the following changes:

Design of all the parts to make them 100% interchangeable to simplify maintenance for large government organizations.
Squared off the front of the trigger guard so that one could use finger support for easier aiming.
Recurved the forward base of the grip to aid aiming.

Hard chromed the bore to protect it from corrosion and to reduce wear.
New surface coating on the slide called Brunton, which allegedly provides better corrosion resistance than the previous plain-blued finish


The Beretta 92’s open slide design ensures smooth feeding and ejection of ammunition and allows easy clearing of obstructions. The hard-chromed barrel bore reduces barrel wear and protects it from corrosion. The falling locking block design provides good accuracy and operability with suppressors due to the in-line travel of the barrel.

This is in contrast to the complex travel of Browning-designed barrels. The magazine release button is reversible with simple field tools. Reversing the magazine release makes left-handed operation much easier.

Increasingly, it has become popular to reduce handgun weight and cost as well as increase corrosion resistance by using polymers. Starting around the year 2000, Beretta began replacing some parts with polymer and polymer-coated metal. Polymer parts include the recoil spring guide rod (which is now also fluted), magazine floor plate, magazine follower, and the mainspring cap/lanyard loop. Polymer-coated metal parts include the left-side safety lever, trigger, and magazine release button.

To keep in line with the introduction of laws in some locations restricting magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, Beretta now manufactures magazines that hold fewer than the factory standard 15 rounds. These magazines have heavier crimping (deeper indentations in the side) to reduce the available space while still keeping the same external dimensions and ensuring that these magazines can be used on existing firearms.

Beretta also produces 15-round “Sand Resistant” magazines to resolve issues encountered with contractor-made magazines, and 17-round magazines included with the A1 models. Both magazines function in earlier 92 series and M9 model pistols.

Italian magazine manufacturer Mec-Gar now produces magazines in blue and nickel finishes with an 18-round capacity, which fit flush in the magazine well on the 92 series. Mec-Gar also produces an extended 20-round blued magazine that protrudes below the frame by 3⁄4 inch (19 mm). These magazines provide users in unrestricted states with a larger capacity magazine.

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The Italian-made Beretta 92 FS holds a unique position in the pistol World because it uses its tip-up barrel design. A benefit to using this type of locking mechanism is that during field stripping the slide can be removed with the now exposed breech either out of battery or backwards for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Tracking numbers are valid with FedEx only. USPS tracking is not honored due to contractual agreements with Beretta’s importing broker


🔫 Open Slide Design: The Beretta 96’s open slide design allows for improved reliability and easier maintenance. 🔫 Alloy Frame: The use of an alloy frame makes the Beretta 96 lightweight and durable. 🔫 Locking Block Barrel: Inspired by the Walther P38, the locking block barrel ensures consistent accuracy with every shot.


– Caliber: 9mm – Capacity: 10 rounds – Barrel Length: 4.9 inches


1. Load the magazine with up to 10 rounds of ammunition. 2. Pull back the slide to load the first round into the chamber. 3. Aim and fire by pulling the trigger. 4. The recoil of the shot will automatically cycle the slide, ejecting the spent cartridge and loading the next round.


Q: Is the Beretta 96 available for purchase online? A: Yes, you can buy the Beretta 96 online. Q: How many rounds can the Beretta 96 hold? A: The Beretta 96 has a capacity of 10 rounds.

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