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Buy FN Browning Model 1910 online, Experience the unparalleled blend of power, precision, and design with the FN Browning Model 1910 from the Discrete Gun Shop. Developed by the globally acclaimed firearm manufacturer, FN Herstal of Belgium, the FN Browning 1910 is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, performance, and craftsmanship.

The FN Browning Model 1910 is an auto-loading shotgun that provides unrivaled dependability with its single-shot mechanism. These features bring you the convenience of automation combined with simple operation – making it a dream for serious shooters.

At Discrete Gun Shop, we understand your need for a firearm that embodies functionality and form. The FN Browning 1910 delivers on these fronts, boasting a sophisticated yet rugged aesthetic that speaks of ageless durability and timeless elegance.

The construction of this firearm hinges on classic gunmaking techniques, imbued with modern innovation. Its compact and streamlined frame ensures easy handling and maneuverability, whilst the expertly designed barrel enhances accuracy and performance.

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Steeped in history and firmly etched in the echelons of firearms legacy, the FN Browning Model 1910 is the face of traditional power paired with modern technology. This awe-inspiring specimen has been developed by the iconic firearms manufacturer, FN Herstal, based in Belgium, a company renowned worldwide for its unsurpassed craftsmanship and unbeatable quality in firearms manufacturing.

This single-shot, auto-loading shotgun is not just a firearm, it’s a statement. Whether you’re an avid gun collector, a shooting hobbyist, or someone who values the peace of mind that comes with home defense, this weapon guarantees unmatched performance.

The FN Browning Model 1910’s unyielding power competes only with its seamless operation. Imagine the feeling of hot lead ejecting from your barrel time and time again with unrivaled consistency—that’s what you can expect from the FN Browning Model 1910. It’s the embodiment of reliability, empowering you with a sense of confidence only a firearm of this quality can deliver.

The pristine polish, the firm grip, the single-shot thrill, it’s a joy that has to be felt to understand completely. The FN Browning Model 1910 isn’t just a gun; it’s an experience, a tradition passed down through generations, and a symbol of authority and precision.

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FN Browning Model 1910 for sale, The FN Browning 1910 is a single shot auto loading shotgun that was developed by the famous firearms company FN Herstal located in Belgium. Its name indicates the year of its entry into service.

This design features a unique tubular magazine located underneath its barrel, which has a flip release to make loading as seamless as possible, and a weaver aperture site for precise shooting.

This is a beautiful post-WWII FN-Browning Model of 1910. This pistol is Belgian-made and proofed on the slide and grip frame. Light handling wear is evident throughout, although pronounced. wear on the rear of the slide and frame. safety toggle and heel magazine release functioning properly.

Includes one magazine that holds 6 rounds. SN is 620972 and matches throughout. It comes with one magazine. The slide is marked (in English) “BROWNING ARMS COMPANY St Louis Mo., & Montreal, P.Q., MADE IN BELGIUM.”

Manufacturer: FN Browning – Belgium

Model: Browning 1910

Model Number: N/A

Tag Number: 18

UPC Number:

Caliber: .380 ACP

Finish: Blue

Barrel Length: 3.25 Inches

Chokes: N/A


LOP: Inches

Stock Condition:

Metal Finish Condition: Good. The factory finish is a beautiful deep blue. There is wear down to the base metal on the rear of the slide and frame. The safety toggle shows modest wear as well.

Bore Condition: Good. Sharp and clear lands and grooves

Year manufactured: post-World War II

Box and Papers: None


FN Model 1910 of the Gendarmerie of Vaud, on display at Morges Castle Museum

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Browning M 1910 disassembled
The FN Model 1910, also known as the Browning Model 1910, was a departure from Browning. Before, his designs were produced by both FN in Europe and Colt Firearms in the United States. Since Colt did not want to produce it, Browning chose to patent and produce this design in Europe only. Introduced in 1910, this pistol used a novel operating spring location surrounding the barrel. This location became the standard in such future weapons as the Walther PPK and Russian Makarov.

It incorporated the standard Browning striker-firing mechanism and a grip safety along with a magazine safety and an external safety lever (known as the “triple safety”) in a compact package. Offered in both .380 ACP (6-round magazine) and .32 ACP (7-round magazine) calibers, it remained in production until 1983. It is possible to switch calibers by changing only the barrel. However, FN never offered packages containing a single pistol with both caliber barrels.


Buy FN Browning Model 1910 online, FN Model 1922 7.65mm
A variant of the Model 1910 was known variously as the Model 1922 or 1910/22. This was a larger model with a longer barrel (113 mm), slide extension, and a longer grip frame to accommodate an extra two rounds. This model was aimed at military and police contracts and many examples were produced for various agencies.

The FN Model 1910 was initially designed for the Kingdom of Serbia. In 1913, a purchase order for 235, Model 1910 semi-automatic pistols was made by the Serbian National Army. The purchase was made for the 1st and 2nd Timok infantry divisions of the First Army.

1910-1922 pistols went on to see extensive service in World War Two and continued to be manufactured by the Germans after their occupation of Belgium and the seizure of the FN factory. These examples carry Nazi production stamps, and most have simple chequered wood grips instead of the earlier horn or plastic grips bearing the FN logo.

Buy FN Browning, The FN Model 1922 was also used by the following countries: Yugoslavia (60,000 Automatski pistols (Brauning) 9mm M.22 between 1923 and 1930), The Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Romania, France, Finland, Denmark, and West Germany in the post-war period. While the Model 1910 was widely sold on both civilian and military markets, the Model 1922 was considered specifically a military and police pistol, with FN offering it to individual civilians only by special order.

In 1955, the Browning Arms Company introduced the Model 1910 pistol for the American market as the Model 1955. Made in Belgium, this model was virtually identical to the European model except for the markings and grips. Importation ceased in 1968 due to the passage of stricter gun-control laws in the U.S.

Buy FN Browning online, Another version, the Model 1971, featured a longer barrel and slide (similar in length to the Model 1922, but with a one-piece slide), adjustable sights, a finger-rest magazine, and enlarged “target” grips. These features were intended to comply with the Gun Control Act of 1968, which had halted the import of the Model 1955.

North Korea made copies of the Model 1910 without license [citation needed] as the Type 70 pistol. The weapon is made not only for domestic use but also for export.

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The Hamada Type or Hamada Type Automatic handgun (浜田式 Hamada Shiki?) was a semi-automatic pistol developed in 1941 for use by the Empire of Japan during World War II. Developed by Bunji Hamada, the pistol took its basic design from the Model 1910 Browning. Production occurred at the Japanese Firearms Manufacturing Company, with only minor changes made as the war progressed.

The Model 1910 was an improvement on the FN Model 1900 and the first semi-automatic pistol to be manufactured in large numbers. The pistol was offered in both .380 ACP, and 7.65mm Browning (aka 9mm Browning), and was eventually chambered for a wide variety of calibers, including several wildcat rounds. Depending on the caliber, its magazine held eight to ten rounds.

This is a Genuine World War I-era pistol. Product specifications are Caliber 9MM PARABELLUM, Internal Hammer fired Semi-Automatic pistol, Length O/A = 76 mm (3″), Barrel length = 50 mm (2″) bore size diameter= 10 mm (.39″), Weight unloaded = 463 gm (1.036 Lb)

This semi-auto pistol is modeled after the original maker, made by Republic Industry Corporation. It remains true to the original in all aspects; it utilizes a blowback action system firing 1914-style 7mm ammunition. It possesses a fixed magazine that loads 10 rounds and performs well in single-shot or full auto modes of fire. A must-have for enthusiasts.




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